Unveiling more logs

These pictures were taken back in November 2006, when we had decided we would attempt to start renovating the foyer (which as of this date, is still a work-in-progress!).  We started stripping the steps and exposing the right-hand wall, which would have been the exterior of what is most likely the original building before it was added on.  The ceiling was also exposed –

One of the logs had a signature written over the paint.  “A.N. ?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the pictures convey what a HUGE mess this was.  In addition to the obvious horsehair plaster and dust, there was a mixture of bedding, POOP, dead things, fur, and nuts within the ceiling because, at some point, creatures had managed to work their way into the house for a period of time.  The dust settled in the house for weeks.

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