Original Plot Documents

Our house is located in Menallen Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania.  However, before 1800, Adams County was part of York County.

This is the survey for the land which was originally tied to our house.  Joseph Lawrence requested it in 1786, but people usually “squatted” on land for a number of years before actually purchasing it and it is possible that his father, John Lawrence, may have built the house.

The reason why I think John Lawrence may have built the place is that while he never owned the land officially, he is listed on the piece of property in a 1766 survey for someone else’s property owned by Ephraim Lawrence, whom was the brother of Joseph.

I believe that John originally owned both plots of land, and that when he died some time in the 1770s, the land was divided up amongst the two brothers.  Unfortunately, the York County historical society did not have a will on record for John Lawrence to determine if this is true.  Ephraim never purchased his plot of land, but it appears on this map I photographed whilte at the Adams County Historical Society to have been purchased in 1822 by someone who built our neighbor’s house.


One thought on “Original Plot Documents

  1. The best book I have ever read on searching land titles is “Pennsylvania Land Records, a History and Guide for Research” by Donna Bingham Munger.
    I offer the following:
    County Organization of counties
    Adams January 22, 1800
    York August 19, 1749
    Lancaster May 10, 1729
    and before that (without knowing the exact location of your land) possibly a Maryland claim.