Later Families

I will be adding more information, and possibly new pages dedicated to these families, at a later date:

Joseph Lawrence to Thomas Baldwin, August 28, 1790

Thomas Baldwin to John Baldwin, September 26, 1796

John Baldwin to Ulrigh Peters, December 16. 1807

Ulrigh Peters to Henry Peters, October 5, 1833

Henry Peters to George Group, ?unclear on deed?

George Group to David Wills and Hiram S. Wright, March 25, 1871

David Wills to Alice G. Wright, April 1, 1885

Alice G. Wright to William Whitson, April 2, 1885


Part of 1857 Adams County map –

Henry Peters owned this place during the Civil War and during the battle in Gettysburg, had a horse stolen by a rebel soldier.  He was reimbursed $150.

.stolen horse

stolen horse2


Part of 1872 map of Menallen Township –

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