David Wills & Hiram S. Wright

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Among the many owners of this house was David Wills, who purchased the property along with Hiram S. Wright.  From the deed:

David Wills was the lawyer whose house in Gettysburg was where Abraham Lincoln put the finishing touches on the Gettysburg Address.  He was also born in Menallen Township.  This house in Gettysburg is now a museum called the David Wills house. I had contacted them at one point and inquired how our house tied into David Wills but they never responded.  When we also visited in person, they had no clue and weren’t very receptive so I have no idea if he commonly did this with other people, however he was the director of Gettysburg National Bank.  At some point I will be updating this with information after I try searching the historical society.  Per History and Directory of the Boroughs of Gettysburg, Oxford, Littlestown, York Springs, Berwick, and East Berlin, Adams County, Pa:

1872 map of Menallen township featuring David Wills and Hiram S. Wright as “Wills and Wright” on the map:

David Wills owned the house with Hiram S. Wright from March 21, 1871 until he and his wife transferred it after Hiram’s death to his wife Alice on April 1, 1885.  Hiram died March 8, 1883 and is buried in the Menallen Friends Cemetery.

hiram wright headstone findagrave

Above screen capture from FindaGrave.com.


From the Gettysburg Compiler, October 21, 1870

Above is the original purchase of the property, dated in the newspaper months before the written documentation attached to the deed.  Again, David Wills actually being tied to the property is not new, but the fact that they purchased the property for $39.75 per acre is interesting.  The next piece of information is what leads me to believe he may have actually been actually involved with the house in some way…

From The Gettysburg Times, January, 19, 1932

Above is a “repost” of a snippet in the local newspaper that ran 50 years before.  I haven’t located the original yet.  However, in it, it acknowledges Judge Wills gifting Hiram S. Wright with a “present” of $50 for the “personal care of ‘Mountain View’ farm”.    I believe Hiram Wright also owned another property, his personal residence, that can be viewed on the 1872 map as “H.S. Wright”.


judge wills letter full front pagedavid wills letter to louisa russel

Above are two images.  The first is the front page of The Gettysburg Times, February 12, 1941 which discusses David Wills’ letter documenting the Gettysburg Address.  The second is an enlargement snippet of the portion in which David Wills communicated with the daughter of Hiram Wright about the Gettysburg Address, very interesting indeed!


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