Goodbye barn!

The dismantling of the barn across the street is part of the reason I was stirred to continue research the history of the house.  It was no longer tied to this piece of property, and the owner had sold it.  The barn has actually been down for more than a week, but a flatbed truck was finally loaded yesterday with all of the huge logs used to fashion the barn, which I can only assume was as old as our house.  It is a shame, but from what I was told the wood will be used to make new houses, among other things.  It’s certainly a better scenario than the barn continuing to remain abandoned and fall into further disrepair.  A couple from California flew out to personally oversee sections that were to be used for their own house.  Now the only thing that remains is the foundation, which will probably be dismantled at some point as well.  I will miss it.

The above pic was taken in 2010.  Here are some other pictures, most were taken from an iPhone, including some of the interior.


Some pics from when we moved in!

We moved into our house in 2005, I’ll try and post pictures of some of the work we have done but as a baseline, these are some pics from before we officially purchased the place.  The finished log room is what sold it!  We’ve uncovered some of the logs and I’ll post that soon :)  Unfortunately, restoring an old house is not always fun, but it can be fascinating.


Hello and welcome!

Well, I guess this is the first post on the website!!  I created it to help us keep track of the information we find relating to our house, which is constructed mostly of logs and has a cornerstone of 1760.  Also included would be anything interesting about its previous occupants, anything relating to the restoration of it, or anything interesting that we happen to find!!

(Image: some items found during installation of our HVAC system back in 2009.)

I had already been compiling my information in a small binder, as well as on my computer, but this way we can share with the world all the fascinating things that happen or we may discover while living in a house which was built before the United States was formed.